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          Company Profile

          |    Baoding Zhongdao Conveyor Co.,Ltd,Welcome! More >>
          ? ? ? ??Baoding zhongdao adhesive tape co., LTD. Is a large enterprise that produces "zhongdao" special series conveyor belt and conveyor. The company is located in baoding rubber industrial zone in hebei province. Company since its inception in 1998, thanks to the majority of customers support and trust, thanks to the joint efforts of all staff, the company developed into a covers an area of 90000 square meters, annual production more than million square meters of conveyor belt and thousands of conveyor professional enterprise.
          ? ? ? ??The company focuses on technical design input and product development, perfect experimental testing and quality control system,....


          |    Honest, Pragmatic, Innovative, Leading, Consummate。 More >>

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            Add:Dasong industrial zone, lixian county, baoding city, hebei province


          |    Enterprise News / Industry News
          輸送帶如何選型 2017-07-26
          中道膠帶提示輸送帶保養與說明 2017-07-26
          輸送帶如何選型 2017-07-26
          輸送帶保養與說明 2017-07-26
          輸送機常識 2017-07-26
          Our company has obtained ISO9002 quality man 2017-07-13